Group Management
Masao Hirano was Japan Office Head of McKinsey & Company and Co-Head of Carlyle Japan. During his 20 years career at McKinsey, Masao led a number of projects including corporate strategy, organizational design, globalization, M&A, and corporate governance for a variety of companies. Currently Masao is the faculty at WASEDA Business School and the president at Business Model Association. Masao received a MS in Engineering Economic Systems from Stanford University and a PhD in Engineering from the University of Tokyo.
Managing Partner
Daisuke Iwase is a well-respected pioneer and leader in digital innovation within the insurance sector. He co-founded Lifenet Insurance Company, a publicly listed digital life insurance company where he served as Representative Director and President. Daisuke also served as Group Chief Digital Officer and Member of the Group Executive Committee at AIA Group, the largest independent publicly listed pan-Asian life insurance group operating in 18 markets. Daisuke started his career as a strategy consultant with the Boston Consulting Group, and he was engaged in technology venture capital and private equity before attending Harvard Business School, where he graduated as a Baker Scholar.
Representative Partner
Tomokazu Okuno joined T-Media Holdings (current TSUTAYA net company) in 2015 as CFO. He supervised corporate planning and management divisions, as well as leading venture investment and monitoring activities. In 2015, he established IMJ Investment Partners Japan LLP and launched the venture capital business in Japan. Before joining T-Media Holdings, Tomokazu spent 13 years in the investment banking industry, engaged in M&A advisory and financing deals at Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, and Nikko Salomon Smith Barney. Tomokazu received a BA in Commerce from Waseda University and an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.
Takashi Chiba had 3 years’ management experience as a co-founder and COO/CFO at ITANDI, a real estate tech startup, from 2013. He supervised business development and business management. Before that, Takashi spent 6 years in total in investment banking industry at Deutsche Bank, and private equity industry at The Carlyle Group, and engaged various M&A and financing transactions. Takashi received a BA in Economics from the University of Tokyo.
Senior Associate
Shuzo Ueki joined Dream Incubator in April 2018. He worked mainly in the strategy consulting division, where he helped large companies in various industries such as healthcare, energy, and insurance to plan and formulate their new businesses. At the same time, he is also in charge of supporting carve-outs from large corporations and financing for venture companies. Before that, Shuzo consulted with a major pharmaceutical company on sales and marketing strategies at ZS Associates. Shuzo received a BA in Laws from the University of Tokyo.
Akitomo Naoi was a senior consultant of Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting and a manager of EY Strategy and Consulting. He has been very passionate about ESG/Sustainability and clean technology field, and engaged with a wide variety of private sector (such as automobile, chemical, electric, consumer, food, real estate, bank, and etc.) and public sector clients in 7 years. MS in material science from Carnegie Mellon University. BS in applied physics from Keio University.
Keigo Agata joined Spiral Capital in May 2022. Prior to joining, he worked in the investment banking divisions at Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse for a total of 7 years, mainly executing financing deals such as IPOs. He has extensive experience in capital markets transactions, regardless of market cap, sector, and offering format. After spending his childhood in London, he attended an international school in Japan. Graduated from the University of Chicago, double-majoring in Economics and Statistics.
In 1987 Yuji Horiguchi joined Recruit Co., Ltd. He held positions at Recruit spanning accounting, finance, corporate planning, legal, and new business development, eventually managing media production for a core component of Recruit’s business as the editor for 7 of Recruit’s magazines. Yuji joined IMJ as a corporate officer in 2005 and was promoted to CFO in 2008, in which role he headed numerous projects such as M&A, business transfers, capital policy, companies and divestiture, tax planning strategies, financing plans, labor issues, stock option design, and MBO. Additionally, he contributes to the business development of numerous companies as an outside director. In 2012 he founded IMJ Investment Partners, an investment branch of the IMJ group, and as representative director he worked on the launch of incubation programs in Japan and began investment activities in Japan and Silicon Valley. Furthermore, in order to expand investment opportunities in the Southeast Asian market and achieve a more global status for the company, in Feburary 2013 he established a new headquarters in Singapore, where he currently resides and leads investment activities.
Representative Partner
Hiroshi Oka joined IMJ Investment Partners (current Spiral Ventures Pte. Ltd.) at it’s launch in 2012. He and Tomokazu launched IMJ Investment Partners Japan under the CCC Group in 2015, and Hiroshi became Managing Partner of Spiral Innovation Partners LLP in June 2019. Hiroshi has been supporting open innovation in companies with a focus on corporate venturing since around 2014, providing a wide range of support for the planning and operation of accelerator programs, internal venture programs, and innovation talent development. Hiroshi experienced in several businesses such as web integration business, affiliate platform business, smart phone app business, etc. Hiroshi holds a MA from Chiba University.
Kazuhiro Kamada joined Spiral Innovation Partners in September 2022. Prior to Spiral, he started working as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs in July 2011. Kazuhiro belonged to TMT (Technology, Media, Telecom) sector team and spent 11 years with M&A advisory and financing deals. Additionally, he led start-up investment initiatives at the investment banking division, executing investment into various start-up companies such as Sansan. Before joining Goldman Sachs, he had a wide variety of experience as a professional advisor, including 5 years in management consulting at Boston Consulting Group and 3 years in IT consulting at Future Architect. Graduated from Tokyo university and received an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.
Yasuhiro Matsumoto served as the sales director and invested in startups in the seed stage at 01Booster Inc. He formulated and executed accelerator programs and open innovation strategies, such as for internal policies for new businesses, for numerous major firms. Before that, Yasuhiro managed the export and sales of automobiles at Sumitomo Corporation and started up a translation business. Yasuhiro graduated from the School of Political Science and Economics at Meiji University.
Sayuki Murakami worked at a law firm and a startup company, where she experienced in back office and secretarial positions. Sayuki holds a BA in Laws from Rikkyo University.