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Spiral Capital supports entrepreneurs who are transforming society with the power of imagination and technology.
We work together with entrepreneurs to create a vortex of change, as we sweat and muddle together.




Spiral Capital manages VC funds (general venture capital fund) that invest across technology sectors, with LPs of various corporates and institutional investors.
Spiral Innovation Partners manages SVC funds (sector-focused venture capital funds) that focus on specific investment areas and provides comprehensive open innovation support services to LPs of funds managed by the Spiral Capital Group.


VC Fund

We invest in and provide a wide range of hands-on supports for startups by leveraging the outstanding knowledge and extensive networks of our capitalists.

Funds managed by Spiral Capital

Fund Name
Spiral Capital Japan Fund Ⅰ
Est. Year
Fund Size
JPY 7 billion
Limited Partners
Corporates, Institutional Investors
Number of Investments
34 companies (completed)
Investment Sectors
Across internet sectors, with focus on X-Tech
Fund Name
Spiral Capital Japan Fund Ⅱ
Est. Year
Fund Size
JPY 10-15 billion (target)
Limited Partners
Same as the leftSame as the top
Number of Investments
In process
Investment Sectors
Same as the leftSame as the top

Investment Policy

Investment Areas

While covering the entire Internet/technology domain, we invest in a wide range of startups with a focus on X-Tech (fusion of the Internet and the real world). The two main areas of investment are: (1) "industry transformation businesses" that solve problems faced by existing industries, and (2) "new industry creation businesses" that create new industries using leading-edge technologies and business models.

Investment Stages

We invest in early-stage and later startups that have passed the hypothesis verification phase and are moving into the business expansion phase. After the initial investment, additional investments can be made in subsequent rounds depending on the situation.
We aim to invest 100 to 500 million yen for early-middle stage startups and 500 to 1 billion yen for later stage startups.

Hands-on Support

We provide a variety of management support to our portfolio companies. We support our portfolio companies to increase their value by collaborating with external partners as necessary.


Innovation Support

Through Spiral Innovation Partners, we provide comprehensive support for the promotion of open innovation.

The Spiral Capital Group's Open Innovation Support Company




Azabudai Hills Garden Plaza B 504, 5-9-1, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0001, Japan


Management of VC funds

Representative Partner

Tomokazu Okuno