Spiral Ventures has completed the final close of its Spiral Ventures Japan Fund 1

Corporate 2018.01.29

Spiral Ventures Japan LLP has completed the final close of its Spiral Ventures Japan Fund 1 with JPY 7 billion commitments. The fund exceeded the target size of JPY 6 billion and became the largest first fund raised by domestic independent venture capital firms in Japan.

Limited partners of Spiral Ventures Japan Fund 1 are large corporates such as ASICS Ventures Corporation, MORI TRUST CO., LTD., Seino Holdings Co., Ltd., Tosho Printing Company, Limited, T8 Inc. (alphabetical order), large financial institutions such as domestic security company and foreign hedge fund, and Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, JAPAN.

Spiral Ventures Japan Fund 1 invests in startups in various categories with focusing on X-Tech (fusion areas between internet/technology and real industry). Investment areas are, 1) “Industry Changing Business” that provides new values and solutions for a specific sector and 2) “Industry Creating Business” that creates cross-sectional new industries by employing new technologies and business models. Investment cases in Industry Changing Business are such as OPENLOGI (logistics industry), Enechange (energy industry), and Bizreach (HR industry). Investment cases in Industry Creating Business are such as NURVE (VR), Z-Works (IoT), and Future Standard (AI). Target stages are early, middle and later, and typical investment size is JPY 50 – 300 million for early/middle and up to JPY 500 million for later. The fund has already invested JPY 2.1 billion in 19 companies.

Spiral Ventures Japan LLP will continue to contribute to development of startup ecosystem in Japan through operating Spiral Ventures Japan Fund 1.

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